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A meditation app that invites you to travel

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Get Neo's travels, in the form of music albums

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mEditation AND TRAVEL

Immersive 3D soundscapes will take you to the most beautiful regions of the world where you will experience a true adventure while meditating


Coach Dawn’s guidance will enable you to learn or to develop your knowledge of mindfulness techniques to get the full benefit for your well-being and health.



The care that we put into developing each meditative journey makes it a unique experience: original music, inspiring texts, high quality soundscapes, watercolors...

Let us carry you away by the inviting and soothing voice of your meditation guide in inspiring landscapes.

This app takes you on a personal, poetic, and immersive voyage to approach this ancient practice of meditation in a new way. 

"Neo is a beautifully rendered meditative journey. It offers an immersive soundscape and trades the checklist usually found in this type of app for a travelers map. Highly recommended!"

The benefits of mindfulness

Mindfulness consists of perceiving your environment and emotions without judging them. It is a capacity that everyone has: embracing and engaging with the present moment rather than reliving memories or anticipating the future.

In addition to the sensation of acute well-being and peacefulness, mindfulness meditation has benefits such as:

Reducing stress

Facilitating sleep

Reducing blood pressure

Increasing your capacity to concentrate

Improving your immune system’s functions

Encouraging empathy and compassion towards yourself and others

Avoiding professional and emotional exhaustion

Slowing down the aging process of the neuronal system

Increasing self-esteem

...and other benefits detailed in these research articles


7 unforgettable destinations

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Each of the 7 meditative destinations has an itinerary with 7 guided meditation sessions, 6 soundscapes
and a travel diary enabling you to remember your meditation sessions.

our latest meditative destination : Deep North

more to come


The Amazon

While you sail up the Amazon river from Brazil to Peru, you will discover the marvels of the tropical forest and the basic techniques of mindfulness.

Extract-Meditation on a giant waterlily

The Himalayas

A trek from Tibet to India to meditate in the mountains will enable awareness of the immensity of your inner space.

Extract-Night meditation in the Himalayas

The Sahara

From an oasis in the heart of the desert, discover inspiring places ideal for meditation and developing your resilience.

Extract-Meditation in an oasis




A voyage on a sailing ship will take you from island to island, bringing peace to your heart and expanding your consciousness.

Extract-Meditation on a sailing boat

Awaken the legend of Merlin and learn to show compassion towards yourself.

Extract-Meditation by the lake

Quality ingredients

Dawn Mauricio

In addition to mindfulness techniques, our texts tell a story that is yours, and Dawn's.

It is the story of exploration of a mythical region and a voyage inside of you.

Dawn has been practicing and studying Insight Meditation since 2005. She regularly sits silent residential retreats in Canada, The US, Thailand, and Burma. Dawn simultaneously deepens her practice of teaching with trainings led by True North Insight, Inward Bound Mindfulness Education and Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She also teaches regular classes and workshops in Montreal, Canada. 


We have created soundscapes recorded with a binaural microphone that captures sounds the way the human ear hears them.

With headphones or earphones, you will be immerged in soundscapes as if you were really there.

Brian d'Oliveira

For each of the meditative journeys, Brian, who is passionate about instruments from all over the world, found local inspiration to compose and play bewitching music to suit each destination.

Brian plays all of the instruments!

Amazon RiverBrian D'Oliveira
Forest of BroceliandeBrian D'Oliveira

To evoke each journey, Eric choses a style similar to watercolor, with transparency and light effects which can be found in the most beautiful travel diaries.

neo voyage intérieur

neo voyage intérieur
neo voyage intérieur
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