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Choose the album you want to download in high quality audio (MP3 - 320 Kbits)

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While you sail up the Amazon river from Brazil to Peru, you will discover the marvels of the tropical forest and the basic techniques of mindfulness.


A trek from Tibet to India to meditate in the mountains
will enable awareness of the immensity of your inner space.


From an oasis in the heart of the desert, discover inspiring places
ideal for meditation and developing your resilience.


A voyage on a sailing ship will take you from island to island,
bringing peace to your heart and expanding your consciousness.


Awaken the legend of Merlin the Wizard
and learn to show compassion towards yourself.

Musiques Neo

Find here all the enchanting music of Neo's journeys

Live a hermit's life in a cabin lost in Quebec's far north, rediscovering your inner nature and wild animals.

Deep North

A unique space meditation adventure in your Neo capsule to discover
your inner immensity. 

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