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Mindfulness in the workplace

A preventive solution for reducing the effects of stress, absenteeism and presenteeism.

An increasing number of companies are integrating mindfulness practices in the workplace, aiming to take greater care of the employees’ well-being.

Often presented as a solution for fighting stress, the effects go beyond this and can improve decision-making, creativity and interpersonal relationships, amongst other things.

However, the conclusions presented in scientific evaluations show the need for long-term practice in order to obtain tangible results.

Neo Voyage intérieur

The unique approach of Neo Travel Your Mind encourages regular meditation practice thanks to a narrated approach and immersion into a 3D soundscape.

It is a virtual relaxation space which will enrich your health and well-being regimen and make you stand out as an employer.

Promote your staff's well-being by offering them an 




mindfulness App

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Accessibility to your staff

This App is available in French and in English.

We offer 3 options to make the contents of Neo Travel Your Mind accessible to staff in your organization

Application mobile.png

mobile app

Staff can use their phone or tablet to relax whenever and wherever it suits them.

Station iPad_Asmedan.png

Renewal station

Staff can renew their state of mental readiness with the aid of a tablet, on a tablet stand, in the company's nap room.

écran 2

Computer app

Staff can take a break at their workspace to reduce pressure and relax.

Content customization

We can customize the App to suit your needs


  • Develop original content to do with the business,

  • Include the company’s colours and visuals,

  • Create challenges to encourage staff to persevere,

  • Customize the introductive video,

  • Report on the number of staff members using neo.

Let's discuss your ideas!

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