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Naupaka, Island of Lanai

With the memory of Haleakala crater and the bamboo forest still bubbling vividly in your mind, you gladly welcome Dawn's invitation for some down time on the sailboat.

The boat's rocking, in rhythm with the ocean, is soothing and after some time you feel your mind and body meet the pace of their gentle dance.

In this moment, you feel submerged in the magnificence of the elements surrounding you. The waves, the wind, the clouds, and even the whales seem to be moving in sync with you and your heart. Just like your thoughts, they appear, linger for a breath, and disappear.

Something about this moment reaches a deep, unearthed wisdom inside your chest. It is hard to put into words; It is as though the infinite reaches of space and its countless stars are not only up in the sky, but also within everything around you, and the elements are its song.

You feel a call rise from this feeling, like a party invitation sent from the soul: Subtle, important, and too enticing to ignore. Your experience in Hawaii has helped you tune in to moments like these and it feels natural to accept the invitation intuitively.

After a few confident steps and a moment of flight, your body enters the ocean. It's like another world underwater. As you float over beautifully sculpted coral reefs, your body feels weightless.

The underwater sounds amplify the feeling of well-being vibrating through your cells, and your own breath keeps you calm and clear in this unique setting. You are meditating in osmosis with the ocean.

Live this experience in the 5th meditation in the Hawaiian journey.

Neo Voyage Intérieur

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